Weather you just need a one time service or would like a reoccurring delivery, Pedal Express offers much more than same-day delivery service. We are your friendly, enthusiastic, professional team of couriers that strive to provide the greenest, fastest, most affordable option for local delivery throughout the East Bay Area since 1994.  We can take care of your regular distribution needs, your inter-office delivery, retail errands, P.O. Box mail, almost anything but an Email away! We also offer delivery across the bay to San Francisco & alameda.

on call

Pedal Express's goal is to make your life easier. whether you are a ceo at a start up or a busy individual, pedal express is happy to help with any errand, big or small. Over the past two decades, we’ve moved a lot of things: envelopes, small boxes, bank deposits, architectural drawings, hard drives, sandwiches, flowers, jewelry, coffee beans, chocolate bars, contracts, groceries, clothing, keys, tool boxes, publications, cakes…and more! on call jobs are subject to our standard rates. 

On Call Delivery


Pedal Express has been committed to helping businesses grow the green way in the East Bay since 1994. We understand that every client is unique and we specialize in crafting custom services to fit your business’s delivery needs. reoccurring or scheduled deliveries are our favorite, weather it be a daily or weekly pedal express is happy to generate a custom terms of services with other local businesses. depending on how often, what the item is & how far it's going, a discounted rate may apply. 

Scheduled Deliveries


Pedal Express offers emission-free cargo hauling up to 150lbs. We have a fleet of cargo bikes and trailers that can accommodate just about any size and shape parcel(s) you can imagine. distribution for your local goods, keg for a party, groceries for your office, pet food... Need it moved? Chances are, we can handle it. any parcel over 20 lbs or 21 inches are subject to our cargo rates.

Cargo Delivery

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